Stellar Discoveries

Here’s two brilliant things that I’ve recently discovered, the first is the website of the International Space Art Network who have a website here

It’s a site where space artists can show their works and interact, I’m going to lurk a bit more before I join just to get the measure of the place.

The second thing have found is the space art  of Michael C Turner, ( it’s just so colourful and fun 🙂 ).I think he’s much more at the mystical end of the space art spectrum where it starts to blend in to fantasy art. These three paintings are also much more traditional media based with the first two being acrylic paintings. The last one is a combination of digital and air-brush techniques. He posts work on Deviant arts as AstroBoy1 as well as being a member of  the International Space Art Network.

Stellar Phantasms

Intergalactic Abode

Ringed Wonder


2 thoughts on “Stellar Discoveries

  1. Wow, it’s really exciting when somebody that talented comments like that 🙂 thanks for the links to dbelli’s work, really like and agree with you about the Globular Cluster pic it’s very nice. I also liked the galaxy one.

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