The viewer’s gaze and astro art

This again may not make much sense due to my having overdone it a the gym and currently feeling as if I’ve been hit by a large truck.

I’ve been thinking about how the ordinary person views astro art. I’ve even asked people what they think and why, for example some one I know who I will call M to protect their identity . I had shown them a selection of my recent asteroid paintings and they refused to put forward any sort of opinion on them. on further enquiry it turned out they felt that they couldn’t have an opinion on them as they didn’t have enough knowledge of the subject matter. M also felt that they couldn’t comment on the picture as just an object either. M found the subject so far out of their experience that it was completely alien to them and they just didn’t know were to start when considering such an image.

The subject matter of astro art appears to intimidate and scare people.

For many people their first experience of anything space related would be a show such as Star Trek (it was one of my first experiences) or Star Wars. It is possible to see space related art as looking very niche interest, may be a bit embarrassing, definitely not a mainstream subject matter.


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