Edward Burra & watercolour exhibition, Sheffield

I went to an exhibition on watercolour painting at the Millenium galleries(   http://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk   ) in Sheffield at the weekend. It’s a very good exhibition that sets out to show the full range of possible approaches to this very versatile medium. On display are very traditional work, many sketches by artists like Turner, pre-raphalite paintings, surreialist and dada experimentations  as well as some extremely abstract items.

But what really caught my eye was the works done by the artist  Edward Burra, see the two pics above. These two images are large, larger than A2, were inspired by a trip to Mexico.  They incredibly vibrant and energetic, the washes of colour are luminous and he was so obviously enjoying what he was working on with these paintings.

I’ve found this to be very inspiring 🙂


One thought on “Edward Burra & watercolour exhibition, Sheffield

  1. I was fascinated by this exhibition. I have recently started creating abstracts using watercolours but using them thickly. I was so pleased to see colour being used vibrantly rather than the usual atmospheric flower fairy chocolate box painting. Burra’s work was big and bold and so unlike the rest. Its just a shame there is so little written about him.

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