Editorial Project

This is a piece that I did for a university project. We were given a  choice of genuine magazine articles which we had to the illustrations for, the one I decided to do was about the problems caused by bullying in the workplace.

I’ve had a little experience of this (work place ) so I tried to get over visually what this sort of abuse feels like to experience. The oppressiveness, the feeling that you can’t escape, the monster like attributes the person perpetrating it takes on.

I used colouring, or the lack of it, as well as the qualities of the chalks to get this over. You can define very solid shapes with chalks, so I really concentrated on making the hands holding the cage feel large, heavy and oppressive. I want the observer to feel sorry for the little man in the cage. I tried to make him look as small and dominated as possible. He’s very trapped and sad so he isn’t working very well. He’s not able to work propaly because he is scared of being crushed by those giant hands.


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